Cambridge Bicycle Safety

Cambridge Bicycle Safety

I strongly support the work of Cambridge Bicycle Safety ( and have testified at city council with others from CBS in favor of Cambridge adopting a strong Bike safety ordinance, and working as quickly as possible to invest in the infrastructure necessary to make it safe for residents to bike from one end of the city to the other. This is critical for fighting Climate Change, for making transportation around the city more equitable, and to improve liveability in the city.

I bike around Cambridge and lost my two front teeth in a bike accident so I know all too well how important these invests are for Cambridge. I'm therefore proud to take this pledge from my friends at Cambridge Bicycle Safety:


"I support rapid implementation of the citywide network of protected bicycle lanes as described in the Cambridge Bicycle Plan. Specifically, I support complete implementation of the Bicycle Plan in the near future, within the next 5 years, using a combination of quick-build and capital improvements.

Additionally, I recognize that Mass Ave is the most important street in Cambridge and needs protected bicycle lanes for its entire length as soon as possible.

Accordingly, if elected, I pledge to do everything in my power–including by voting in the City Council, proactively working with the City Manager and City Staff, and promoting this initiative publicly–to ensure that the City of Cambridge installs continuous protected bicycle lanes along the entire length of Mass Ave from the Charles River to the Arlington border, by the end of the next council term, or has started a capital project to do so. These improvements should also include bus transit priority and pedestrian safety improvements."


Read more about my plan for a Green New Deal in Cambridge, including expansion and improvement of our bicycle infrastructure here: